The Book

Recovering the Seed invites the reader to explore a landscape where healthy human connection and addiction are opposing forces. Tribalism, prejudice, discrimination, shame, isolation and black and white thinking are the tenants fueling addiction. A common view of addiction has focused on the obsessive and compulsive use of drugs and alcohol, which is outdated and intrinsically inaccurate. Addiction is a bio-psycho-social problem that includes the obsessive and compulsive entanglement with; sex, work, food, money, religiosity, gambling, pornography, romantic love, gaming or social media. These substances and behaviors aim to change the way we feel, and sometimes not to feel anything at all.

The more we isolate and disconnect, the more the problem grows. The more we blame other people to avoid responsibility, the more the problem grows. A solution lies in our ability to become honest, vulnerable and empathic human beings. When we take accountability for our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we can address the shame-based victim narrative that boils beneath the surface. When we become accountable, we become capable of transcending the victim stance making room for personal empowerment and choice.

Recovering the Seed sends a clear message that “we are not broken” but people struggling to navigate a culture often based in fear of accountability that thrives on projecting our problems onto others. Recovering the Seed instructs the reader on how the forces of confirmation bias, learned helplessness, and the victim narrative have created a personal story which perpetuates disconnection. Paul Stiles Randak, a Marriage & Family Therapist shares his experience and practical solutions so the reader can learn to live a wholehearted life, while creating vulnerable, compassionate and empowered relationships.