Just Another Bozo on the Bus

Paul interview podcast where he talks with people about how they connect to community, culture and purpose. Paul asks a number of probing questions that spark lively dialogue and sometimes challenging discoveries. Entertaining, funny, intimate and timely. Topics range from personal awareness, to current events and cultural insight. Paul is curious how people learn to or strive toward living a wholehearted life.

Paul asks his guests:

  • What their Bozo on the Bus story?
  • What if any addictions have you struggled with?
  • Whats you take on free will?
  • Whats your experience with the Victim Narrative?
  • Are you a Fixer or Saboteur?
  • What is the most important lesson you have learned
  • How do you connect to your Zen Spot?
  • What are your beliefs on faith, god and the universe?
  • What is your favorite song of the year?